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Episode 554: The DeBoer Region

We previewed the last region of our Coach Madness tournament. The matchups on the docket are Gerard Gallant/Mitch Korn, Sergei Brylin/Jay Woodcroft (17:13), Darryl Sutter/Luke Richardson (26:56), Bob Hartley/Adam Oates (34:30), John Wroblewski/Darryl Sydor (40:47), Scott Sandelin/Reid Cashman (50:59), Mike…
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Episode 553: The Burns Region

On to the next group of 16…we discuss the matchups of Bruce Boudreau/Sheldon Brookbank, Tony Granato/Dale Hunter (9:34), Scott Arniel/Sergei Gonchar (16:49), Andre Tourigny/Michel Therrien (25:25), Guy Gadowsky/Kirk Muller (34:24), Alain Nasreddine/Tommy Albelin (42:49), Doug Weight/Paul MacLean (52:08) and Jim…
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Episode 552: The Robinson Region

We discussed the next batch of 16, including the matchups of Guy Boucher/Ted Nolan, Nate Leaman/Phil Housley (10:44), Patrik Elias/Todd Nelson (20:22), Lane Lambert/Ken Hitchcock (28:00), Chris Taylor/Dan Lambert (35:28), Jay Pandolfo/Mike Yeo (40:48), Rand Pecknold/Rocky Thompson (49:22) and Mike…
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