Episode 464: Early NHL Draft Thoughts/Popugaev/Chainey/Questions

As we begin to switch gears from trade/FA talk to the upcoming NHL Entry Draft, we’ll finish up with a live show, answering questions and taking calls about how the offseason has gone so far.

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  1. J

    Good morning,

    Apologies for the late questions, as it seems the topic may have passed, but it’s something I would love to hear your comments on with the upcoming draft.

    Would Colorado be an enticing trade partner this draft in a trade involving the 4th overall pick(along with other assets) for Taylor Hall?

    I feel strongly about what a great fit Hall would be in Colorado playing on Nathan MacKinnon’s wing, and the much added value that the 4th overall pick would bring to the Devils future, as it offers a lot of flexibility with player like Byram and Cozens potentially being available.

    It’s undeniable that Col is an up and coming young team that fits Taylor’s window, and have a decent amount of cap space, which would increase the chances of him signing there, which in turns adds leverage to the Devils potentially acquiring a conditional 1st rounder if he signs.

    There is also the crazy but not likely chance of plucking Cale Makar from the Avs in this potential trade. I would love to hear both of your takes on this. Thank you.


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