Episode 514: John Hayden’s Stability

A lot happened in the final 26 minutes of the Home Opener vs. Winnipeg. Jeff has some thoughts on it.

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  1. Tony

    WAY overboard.

    Worst loss ever in first game of the season? A bad loss – made more so by the injury to Cory Schneider – but this is a kin to calling the Giants opening day loss to the Dallas Cowboys the worst loss in their history.

    It was a typical first game – a lot to fix – but hardly something to put in the category of losses such as the OT loss to the Rangers in 1994 or the Game 7 loss to the Avalanche.

    Start was uneven – and many turnovers and near turnovers that they didn’t pay for – but that is part of the learning curve. With so many new pieces it’s not going to be a masterpiece in Game 1 – let alone in game 20.

    To look only at the result and not think that this team isn’t going to get much better isn’t very reasonable.


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