Episode 518: It’s Probably Time

The Devils are now 0-4-2. Will they make a change?

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  1. Ddoug129

    Jeff and Dave:
    Thank goodness for your show.
    It helps me so much listening to other Devils fans to get through this debacle.
    The comments you share by fans are so good. I especially love Jerry. Devils fans are simply the greatest.
    I am worried about Jack Hughes. He is so small. And looks like he’s 14 years old.
    I saw during the Florida game a Panther player received a pass at center ice and Hughes was right there and instead of checking him – he just took a swipe at the puck about 2 feet away and curled – like he was trying to flee. Like you’d do in a polite adult league game.
    Seney is only a little bigger than Hughes. Seney would have taken a step an put that guy on his ass right into the boards. The way the Florida player got the puck right along the wall Seney would have killed that dude. Seney doesn’t play like a pussy.
    Go ahead and eviscerate me – but I think Hughes has been overhyped.
    Did u see Ryan Lambert Yahoo Sports Canada take? “Hughes has been a disaster.”
    BTW – Seney has 2 goals in 3 games and 1 assist. Bring him up.
    I think guys busting their asses in Binghamton deserve a shot at this point over some of the veterans.
    Sorry about the rant.
    What a nightmare it’s has been.


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