Episode 531: Consistency and Reliability

The Devils continue to play average hockey, so we talked about it.


  1. Doug D.

    Hall looked completely disengaged last night vs. Montreal.
    When he’d receive the puck he immediately dished it off. He shied away from contact.
    He was a 110% passenger in the game. Unbelievably passive. It kinda pissed me off.
    Does he know the trade has been made only waiting on finalizing it?
    Or am I completely wrong?

    Dave and Jeff – Devils trade Hall for Sam Lafferty and a pick?
    Tell him “go win a cup with Pittsburgh then come back next year.”
    What do u think?
    I love listening to you guys. Thank you for the work u put into the show. L G D.

  2. Doug D.

    Hall has 4 goals in 25 games which includes an empty netter.
    The Devils pay him 6 million a year. And he has quit making an effort for the Devils.
    He has contempt for the fans.
    Suck attitude and suck performance.
    Who would want him?
    Scratch him from here on out.
    Devils fans deserve better than what’s going on.
    Also, I love PK’s personality and energy – but on the ice he’s a shell of what he was at one time in seasons past.
    Thanks for putting up w/ this rant.
    L G D -Doug D.


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