Episode 541: Shero Aftermath II

With new details emerging, we further discussed the aftermath of the Ray Shero dismissal and lamented over other hockey-related decisions that are on the horizon for NJD.

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  1. Doug D.

    Cory should have punched Butcher in the face for sabotaging his career. Butcher couldn’t defend Atkinson one on one if his life depended on it. Butcher gives up on the play – gets tangled and the screens Cory for the killer goal. Butcher sucks. Why is he in the nhl? He is 5 9 165 pounds. Opposition players look at our lineup and say – “ I’m going to torch that little shit.”
    And Jeff – before you ridicule my point about big players ….. you make my point by describing the 2 2019 finalists Boston and St. Louis as strong big teams.
    Trade Buthcher NOT Sami got the love of god.
    Finally – I’m afraid Fitzgerald is going to trade palms just so Fitzgerald looks like he’s in charge. This trade to pump up Fitzgerald’s own insecurities might make me quit the devils after27+ years a die hard fan and walk away.
    (At least untilFitzgerald is fired. )


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